Young children ages 4 to 6 often find themselves in a difficult conundrum.  Their young age comes as the level of freedom and reckless abandon that is often lost in time.  However their young age also draws limitations.  Often a child will desire to express something but lacks the lingual vocabulary to say it.    Here is where the arts come in.

The Spaulding school of dance has created a unique program that allows your child to explore dance and music in highly creative ways.  Your child will learn to express themselves through movement and dance, while having a great deal of fun doing so.

Through the Spaulding school your child will be able to communicate a form of language beyond English, that is far more intuitive for a young mind to express.  This new breed of confidence will spill over into every other area of your young child's development.  

Parents are welcome to sit-in with the lessons and even participate where needed.  Often this course will lead to small performances through the year.  

Join us and give your child the gift of dance and deep personal expression today and teach your child how to spend the energy and creative ways.

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