Dance and choreography allows a person to express themselves well beyond language.  When done right, a flail of an arm or a step of a leg can speak such volume to a spectator that it can almost move an audience to tears.

Our philosophy of education is backwards to most schools.  More schools teach moves and forms first while leaving forms of expressions till the end.  We put the cart before the horse.

Through the Spaulding Method of Dance, the first art you learn, is that natural vocabulary of emotional expression and we will teach you how to express that through movement.  Every movement you learn to make, will have an intent to create conversation between you and your audience, and then, it just so happens that while doing so, you will learn to dance.

Not to worry, you will also learn all the steps required for traditional dance as well, but those steps will be taught after you have a firm understanding of dynamic expression.

So, remove yourself from the pressure of dance and set yourself free in the art!
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