Belly Dance

Learn the basics in a fun and interactive way

Belly Dance

Welcome to the world of Middle Eastern Dance!

Bellydance is a unique art form: It's grounded and gentle on the body; it can be started at any age, at any fitness level.

A fun activity with friends. For exercise. For self confidence. For serious dance training.

There are many reasons to join Bellydance class! No matter what your personal goal, you'll be learning the foundation skills for classical Egyptian style dance. There will be a focus on learning proper bellydance posture & technique to perform signature bellydance isolations, shimmies, traveling steps and more. Each week movements are drilled and applied in combinations. There is even opportunity to learn choreographies to dance at the Spaulding School of Arts open mic nights and other events! Don't worry - dancing in public is totally up to you ;)

Love the look of Middle Eastern dance, but not a fan of the music? Not a problem, music styles will be mixed up.

What to wear:
Just wear comfortable clothing you can move freely in. Leggings & a tank top are perfect.
A hip scarf is very helpful for analysing technique, but please hold off on the tantalizing coin belts! The noise can be too distracting (and even headache inducing) for students. Save those babies for showing off your mad new skills!

Class is held Thursdays from 5:30pm - 630pm and 6:30 - 7:30 at 80 Bradford Street (Enter Door #6). Class is only $10.00

More classes are slated to begin soon!  See you at your first class!

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